What are they ?
They are a set of six pairs of glasses whereby portions of your vision
are blocked from  being activated. The reasoning behind the glasses
is based upon right and left brain research. What science has
discovered is that each one of four optic nerves follows a pathway
to one specific part of your brain. When you isolate one optic nerve
into functioning by itself you are able to observe what and  how this
part of your brain is storing memory, belief systems, day to day
information, history, ideas, or perceptions. This simple tool
allows you to see how different part s of your brain or mind functions
which is not something we do normally. As the mind is a sensory
organ and to ask it to take itself apart is a tricky thing indeed.

What can the glasses be used for ?

They can help you shift belief systems which no longer serve you.

They can help you become aware of things hidden deep in your subconscious mind.

They can bring about shifts in consciousness which allow you to release unknown limitations.                They can help reveal your hidden gifts and talents..

They can be used to clarify the direction you need to be taking
in your life.
They can be used to ask any questions which would benefit
from a new outlook.
They are great tool to give you understanding how your mind
processes information.
They can you deal with past shock or trauma that previously
was inaccessible.

How are the sessions facilitated?
Through my understanding and ability to view consciousness and
the related subtle anatomy a focus or intention is set for the session.
There after questions, reflections, awareness sharing, guidance,
observation, discovery are weaved into an on going dance with
each pair of glasses taking their role on the path to self discovery
and transformation. My role as the facilitator is to mirror or help
reflect things which would be useful for discovery and to give the
client ample space for self direction and self awareness. Through
self awareness and logic shifts can occur  with little effort. The
process is rather amazing to witness and to assist  facilitate!
The sessions can be done as a stand alone or followed up
with cranial sacral therapy.

Any further questions email Darlene at

Cranial Sacral Therapy~ Biodynamic Method

What is Cranial Sacral therapy?

It is a deep deep listening of all the inner activity in your body to access how a skilled therapist may help your body release any stress, trauma, injury, “dis-comfort”, or         “dis-ease” and accentuate your body’s ability self-balance, self-regulate,                      and self-heal according to its own innate intelligence and wisdom.
The first deep listening happens on the systemic level or through all the systems in your body which have a cranial rhythmic impulse of 8 to 12 cycles per minute. The next layer of listening comes at the cellular level which has a rhythm of 2.5 cycles per minute. And if the therapist goes deeper into the subtle or energy anatomy the tide or rhythm has a 90 second cycle. Sensing and feeling this in a session it would feel like an inner massage as the therapist would be releasing any blockages in your body to health from the inside out and reflecting to you that which may be held most deeply in your body.
All inner movement in your body can be called  inner motility. Any compromise of inner motility may cause a following compromise in outer mobility or create symptoms relating to dis-ease or some dis-comfort: acute or chronic. Our inner motility has an intention and intelligence orchestrating  it which we call the “Breath of Life”. This “Breath of Life” holds our blueprint for health and is the body’s essential ordering principle and the body’s record keeper of life experience. This “Breath of Life” with it’s innate intelligence is what a a therapist in the Biodynamic method of Cranial Sacral therapy uses to create the protocol of techniques which will be used to assist a client. The techniques available are varied and many and they keep evolving as new research is shared. Cranial Sacral therapy is as dynamic as life itself which is ever changing, expanding and shifting.

A little List of things Cranial Sacral therapy may address

Head and neck injuries, Back injuries, Migraine headaches, TMJ,      Stress reduction, Insomnia, Fatigue, Hyperactivity,  Cranial or spinal nerve impairment, circulatory disorders, organ dysfunctions. any trauma, depression, neuro-endocrine immune system problems, anxiety, muscular strain, connective tissue or joint strain,structural alignment, lymphatic and sinus drainage surgery, birth hurts, grief,

ah wait a minute what about  ???

personal fitness training,  spiritual evolution, personal growth, preventative health
and maybe I just gosh dare love cranial work and my therapist
CAUSE  I get ME time, a still moment to remember when life gets busy, some time for   inner reflection, inner wisdom and playing around in that big inner playground of ME myself and I… …

WOW a lot for me to think about this cranial work and its benefits…….

Any more questions can be directed to Darlene at >>  or by visiting the website of the BioDynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy Association of North American which I belong to >>

It takes courage to take that first step

Yet if you look down
It is only a small step

Family Constellations Workshops or Sessions

Healing the Heart of the Family through It’s Many Hearts

Based upon the work of Burt Hellinger who as a missionary spent sixteen years with African tribes and latter came back to German to work with families…….He felt he gained some wisdom in those years that could be translated back to assist families in healing and bringing about an ordering principle that created harmony in the family unit and allowed love to flow through its complete structure.

What he sensed was the family unit had a soul distinct from each members soul.
Lack of harmony in the family unit or soul has A impact on  every member of the family.
Lack of harmony could show up as any number of health concerns over time.
Impediment of love may move across generations in time.
Family units have an ordering principle within  its members that
establishes unity within it and allows it to grow in health and balance.

To bring about harmony all the soul needs is simple but clear statements of truth.

Truth has no right or wrong judgement attached to it and secure in itself.

There are many levels to love and healing which are simple in nature.

True healing happens on the systemic level on numerous levels and moves beyond cause and effect parameters established by other traditional approaches.

           How did he translate this into workshops or group work?

The format itself is so simple and yet effective. You gather a group of people and select one person to be the first to work with some unresolved issue within themselves that feels family related. The facilitator determines the family members that will need to represented for the healing. The person selects members in the group to step into those family members shoes and they are placed in the room according to an inner sense of how relationships exist now for these family members. The facilitator than goes about with simple questions and discovering and speaking truths to resolve disharmony. In the space of a little time things are moved towards harmony,health, ease of flow and balance within the family unit.

The first time I heard about this from a friend I knew it resonated with something deep in my heart and there was something going on here that could not be placed in words…… For these workshops happened with hundreds of people and they all felt something shift for themselves whether they were in the inner circle or just a witness to the day and its unfolding….

It took a year before I was able to attend one of these workshops….. and it changed me deeply. It was something I was meant to do and so I have been doing them every since.  Sometimes in groups ,sometimes one on one, with any topic, with anything that things to be shifted, healed  or seen in a new light. There is nothing the same about any workshop cause it is driven by the participants there and yet within each workshop you begin to see the thread that binds all family’s and how families are the foundation of community and thus the foundation for humanity. Healing families heals the world……..

No experience is necessary to participate in these workshops… or to do a one on one session….. Just open your heart to love’s hidden symmetry and you are there. Let the moment touch you and allow something bigger than yourself to take care of all the details than flow through.

email your questions or help organize a workshop

thanks for listening and jumping into that big heart space!!

Pre-Perinatal Psychology

What is Pre-Perinatal Psychology all about? 

It is a specialized field of bodywork that deals with healing any hurts that may have been experienced in utero or at birth for a child. In the treatment plan attention is also given to the mother and father and their experience of the birth. Cranial sacral therapy is the method used for inquiry and sessions are family oriented whereby developing healthy relationships are a focal point along with physical health and well being of the child.

Here is a list of the things we would be looking at:

For the baby> grip, sucking reflex, feeding patterns, breathing patterns,
sleeping patterns, lying preferences,
neck retraction, hip movements, colic,
crying or screaming, asymmetries of movement
emotional state of baby, diet, nutrition, allergy, additives,
Specific physical considerations-  cranial molding, organ tone,
muscle tone, fluid systems, umbilicus,
central nervous system, structural alignment,
vitality of energy body, notocord or mid line of
body, autonomic nervous system
Re pregnancy: special events during specific trimesters,
support systems in place, accidents, stress factors,
ease, emotional environment,diet , smoking , alcohol
Re Birth:………home, hospital, active, passive, duration,
difficulties, presentation of baby at birth, cesarean or
breech, forceps, drugs, immediate aftercare

The Benefits of Pre-Perinatal Psychology  

This list is based on research in this field by Ray Castellino, William Emerson, and Franklin Sills who did case studies with babies who received cranial sacral treatment after birth and those who did not. The children were monitored for a few years after birth and general qualities and characteristics were observed and shared by both parents and researchers. Children receiving treatment seem to find greater ease in progressing through their childhood development stages of growth and learning. Benefits noted were:

1> Independence      2>  co-operation between others
3> bonding and attachment  4> joy and happiness
5> nurturing families     6> learning and human potential
7> compassion     8> communication and self awareness  9> emotional maturity
10> mutuality and empathy     11> spirituality

How can this be?  How does this work?

Birth is a lot of work for a baby and this all happens at a time when the body systems are as of yet not fully developed. Everything that is experienced at birth is held in the nervous system and imprinted on a cellular into the body. How a baby experiences  birth sets in motion some very fundamental nervous system patterns which form a foundation for all other future developmental patterns  imprinted latter in life. As babies are unable to speak when they are born they find it difficult to communicate their feelings and yet they know on a very instinctual level if something is making them feel uncomfortable and needs to be addressed. Any needs not addressed in the body get compensated for and the body adapts and than goes on with life. The wonderment in this type of work is that the baby gets to express itself through body language its feelings and memory  through a skilled  therapist and  releases stress imprinted on the nervous system or other areas of concern in the body. Yahoo the baby discovers healing and is self empowered for the rest of it’s life.It does not take many sessions for a baby to move through this process.

Yummy news for those babies in adult bodies 

You may choose to do this kind of work at any point in your life and it may profoundly change the way your body perceives and receives the world and your life’s experience. Developmental movement patterns and reflexes are the foundation for all our bodies movement history and thus the ability to return to the body’s original intent and purpose gives it new meaning…

Great start in life or a return to your originality that is what it is all about 
                     Pre-Perinatal psychology in a one full sentence  

More information by emailing darlene


Who Am I ?

          This life I breathe
          This body I move
          This mind I ponder with
          This soul I search with….

          All comes to rest when I sit
                          for I am all of this
          Their many moods shape  what is of me

           I live within the river, the source,
                          the ocean, and the tide
          My inner and outer worlds dancing as one
          Yes I am this one called self
                         With all my questions…….                     
          Big or small, real or not 
          It is the question that keeps us true
          To that inner wisdom inside of us 

          whereby……. who am I 
          Is not a question 
                   but a truth 
                          we all know 



          In this one moment 
          I take in all of thee 
          With a touch so gentle 
          It whispers sweet joy

Heaven can be felt 
          when love ripples through
          body and soul sing 
          in this place of trust 

          I listen I weep I know 
          Nothing is more magical 
          than two that meet as one 
          for a dance so simple as