Cranial Sacral Therapy~ Biodynamic Method

What is Cranial Sacral therapy?

It is a deep deep listening of all the inner activity in your body to access how a skilled therapist may help your body release any stress, trauma, injury, dis-comfort, or “dis-ease and accentuate your body’s ability to

self-balance, self-regulate, and self-heal. The first deep listening happens on the systemic level or through all the systems in your body which have a cranial rhythmic impulse of 8 to 12 cycles per minute. The next layer of listening comes at the cellular level which has a rhythm of 2.5 cycles per minute. And if the therapist goes deeper into the subtle or energy anatomy the tide or rhythm has a 90 second cycle. Seeing and imaging this:  would feel like an inner massage as the therapist would be releasing any blockages in your body to health from the inside out and reflecting to you that which may be held most deeply in your body.

All inner movement in your body can be called  inner motility. Any compromise of inner motility may cause a following compromise in outer mobility or create symptoms relating to dis-ease or some dis-comfort: acute or chronic. Our inner motility has an intention and intelligence orchestrating  it which we call the “Breath of Life”. This “Breath of Life” holds our blueprint for health and is the body’s essential ordering principle and the body’s record keeper of life experience. This “Breath of Life” with it’s innate intelligence is what a a therapist in the Biodynamic method of Cranial Sacral therapy uses to create the protocol of techniques which will be used to assist a client. The techniques available are varied and many and they keep evolving as new research is shared. Cranial sacral therapy is as dynamic as life itself which is ever changing, expanding and shifting.

A little List of things Cranial Sacral therapy may address

Head and neck injuries, Back injuries, Migraine headaches, TMJ,      Stress reduction, Insomnia, Fatigue, Hyperactivity,  Cranial or spinal nerve impairment,circulatory disorders, organ dysfunctions. any trauma,
depression, neuro-endocrine immune system problems, anxiety, muscular strain,connective tissue or joint strain, structural alignment, lymphatic and sinus drainage, surgery, birth hurts, grief,

ah wait a minute what about  ??
personal fitness training,  spiritual evolution, personal growth, preventative health
and maybe I just gosh dare love cranial work and my therapist
cause I get Me time, a still moment to remember when life gets busy, some time for            inner reflection, inner wisdom and playing around in that big inner playground of me myself and I… …

WOW a lot for me to think about this cranial work and its benefits…….

Any more questions can be directed to Darlene at >>>

Also Available : Craniosacral Massage –
Combining traditional massage with cranial sacral

It takes courage to take that first step
Yet if you look down
It is only a small step

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